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New research on mice shows the brain processes aggressive behavior as it does other rewards. Mice sought , in fact, picking fights for no apparent reason

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Curvy MILFs on Cougars Crave Kittens seek out the sweetest 18 and 19 pornstars for their pussy licking pleasure in exclusive lesbian sex scenes.

A significant ity of Johns find emotional intimacy from the sex workers that they see, creating opportunities and complications for them and sex workers.

Crave: Quiet, Discreet Vibrators for Women So we make gorgeous products built for women that are as easy to own as they are to use.

Compliments men crave: Everyone wants to hear compliments. What does your guy want to hear from you? We’ll let you know.

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Sex is good. But there are always ways to make it awesome. Use these 18 sex tips for men and you’ll know just how to arouse her and make her want more!

Why do people get turned on by pain and rough sex? Masochists aren’t strange, the brain has amazing ways of turning pain into the pleasure that fans of BDSM kink

The Star Wars XXX porn star on sex with Darth Vader and “banging hot chicks”!

Using a vibrator isn’t just about pleasure, it’s about having a healthy vagina. Here’s why women use vibrators for better sex and increased libido.

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