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Modern English. Slang expletive employed as an attenuated alternative (minced oath) to fuck to express disbelief, pain, anger, or contempt in a given situation.

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Irish Slang Words, Sayings and Phrases on – The Irish Slang Dictionary.

Irish-English terms and their American equivalents. • Top of page, “Irish-English terms” • Top of page, “Irish-English terms” • Top of page,

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May 28, 2008 · All of the Irish drinking songs from the fifth season of Whose line is it anyway? I forgot one song so I had to upload it again just now.

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Irish Slang. It’s often remarked that the best English in the world is spoken by the Irish, but that is patently untrue. The language spoken by the Irish is barely

Sep 07, 2006 · An Irish drinking song, beware offensive language.

Better because we’re Irish Irish Daily Star Better because we’re Irish. About Us

On get free human Irish translation service. English Irish Gaelic translation.

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