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The following is a list of contemporary ethnic groups. There has been constant debate over the classification of ethnic groups. Membership of an ethnic group tends to

Jan 19, 2017 · Donald Trump’s cabinet is attracting significant attention for lacking diversity reflective of the country he will preside over.

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Citi works to create business relationships with ity-, women- & locally-owned businesses and has several initiatives to support women’s professional development.

Lillian Moore • 1 year ago. I was surprised that the Mormon church only has an index of 3.4 diversity. While this may be true of just the United States, I have seen

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Multiculturalism is a term used in both sociology and political philosophy and can be confused with one another. It is an ambiguous term : it can mean a cultural

Jan 19, 2017 · Washington (CNN)Incoming White House spokesman Sean Spicer defended President-elect Donald Trump’s commitment to diversity, saying that highlight the fact

Campus Ethnic Diversity Methodology Students at colleges that place high on these lists are most likely to encounter undergraduates from different racial or ethnic

All governments after independence declared their opposition to discrimination on the basis of ethnicity. Neither the 1969 nor the 1980 census recorded ethnic

The diversity index measures the probability that any two residents, chosen at random, would be of different ethnicities. If all residents are of the same ethnic

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At Nielsen, diversity and inclusion are integral parts of the organization’s DNA.

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